Polymer Armory
It all started as a small group of sci-fi, anime, and comic "geeks" based in Western North Carolina that got into costuming somewhere around 1997 going to Sci-Fi Cons in the surrounding area. That hobby has since turned into a line of work, which means it's not as much fun as it used to be, but it could still be far worse. 

We've made a variety of costumes and props over the years, and work with vacuum formed plastics, silicone rubber molds, casting resins and plastics. Have sewn many of the soft parts of the costumes, done latex work, sculpting, and have started messing with 3D printing.

 We are driven by a desire for detail and an eye for accuracy.

If you are interested in having vacuum forming, plastic casting, roto-casting, laser cutting, or 3D printing  production work done please let us know, we can go from drawing to final product all under one roof.
A small sample of some of the projects we  have  completed in the past

Republic Commando
Biker Scout Blaster
"Now for something completely different"
A small record company in Alabama contacted me and asked me to make some tongue shaped microphone covers for one of their artists, here are some progress pictures along with the end result.
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Polymer Armory
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We are in NO way affiliated or associated with Lucas Films, Disney, Masamune Shirow, Seisenshi or any of their respective subsidiaries in any way. 
We are merely great fans of their work, hoping to bring joy to other fans of these franchises.